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Life Care Plan 
The Life Care Plan is finely detailed and intensely researched and substantiated future plan of treatment that can be presented in court, or otherwise used in litigation.  Liz provides expert witness services in conjunction with her life care plans.

Medical Cost Projection
The cost projection is a brief but professionally researched summary of care needs with an estimate of costs based on review of the records, provider information and over 20 years of nursing experience

The cost projection is often requested for mediation purposes. It is less time intensive and is not as detailed as a Life Care Plan.

Vaccine Injury Compensation Plans
The vaccine injury plan, like a life care plan, is a finely detailed, intensely researched and substantiated plan, developed either independently or in collaboration with a government assigned life care planner. Medical records are reviewed, an on site assessment is conducted with the injured person, treating physicians and other medical providers are contacted for their recommendations, the plan is outlined and costs are researched. In addition to cost research, insurance, community resources and public benefit systems (e.g. school services) are identified to offset the cost of the plan to the government.

Value of Family Care Provided
An on site assessment/interview with family members and review of the medical records may be conducted to determine the level of care provided to an injured individual as well as the hours of care involved. This can provide objective data for the value of the services already provided.

Needs addressed by the Nurse Life Care Planner include:
 * Physician care
* Therapy
* Home or Facility Care
* Medications
* Diagnostic Testing
* Equipment & Supplies
* Hospitalization
* Home Modifications

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